Heroes of the Hurunui
Follow Daniel Murray's recommendations on the best places to get the 'shot' in the Hurunui.
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Hanmer Springs and Hurunui

Only 90 minutes from Christchurch, the alpine spa village of Hanmer Springs is a haven for both relaxation and adventure. For more than a century, visitors have sought the rejuvenating tonic of this beautiful village with its fresh mountain air and therapeutic hot pools.

Hanmer Forest Park

Hanmer Forest Park is a mecca for walking, cycling and photography! The forest contains a wide range of forest types, which makes for a variety of opportunities.

Where to get the shot

Hanmer Forest Park covers some 5,000 hectares to the north and east of Hanmer Springs township and is easily reached via a short walk. A good place to start is the Woodland Reserve, approximately 1 km to the east of the town along Jollies Pass Road.

Setting up the shot

Set the camera down low with a wide-angle lens to create perspective and accentuate the impression that the trees are climbing to a common point in the sky.

‘Sun-stars’ are caused by light diffraction and are best achieved by stopping down your lense to at or near its maximum aperture (in this example, f22). The exact effect you'll achieve is highly dependent on the make-up of your lense, in particular the number of aperture blades and their shape. Experimentation is the key to getting good results.

The technical stuff

NPK_0496 1/15 sec at f/22, ISO200

The Waiau Ferry Bridge

The iconic entrance to Hanmer Springs. The historic Waiau Ferry Bridge opened in 1887 and is a popular shot for the avid photographer.

Where to get the shot

The Waiau Ferry Bridge is located on State Highway 7A, after the turn-off from State Highway 7 to Hanmer Springs. This image was taken in a small layby area around 500 m north of the bridge. Hanmer Springs village is 8 km further on.

Setting up the shot

This image was taken hand-held (no tripod) in the latter part of a balmy summer’s afternoon, with the sun towards the west. A polariser filter assisted with darkening the blues in the sky. Using a 50mm focal length (as set on your lense or zoom switch/dial), a shutter speed of at least 1/50th second is fine for hand-held photography. The longer the focal length, the faster the shutter speed required

The technical stuff

1/80 sec at f/7.1, ISO160, polariser filter



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