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What You Need To Know

Current Situation

New Zealand Government information.

Find out more about the Traffic Light System and the Traffic Light System Framework.

For the latest health information and situation or advice updates, including number of confirmed cases, the Ministry of Health advice.

Christchurch City Council’s information and advice about COVID-19. 


ChristchurchNZ Information for Businesses

Up to date information on Government support for businesses.

ChristchurchNZ resources, guidelines and information about support, including the Regional Business Partner Network, Business Mentors and Central Government support.

For more information, advice and support, you can also contact


Information for Visitors and Travellers

For COVID-19 related enquiries

ChristchurchNZ Contacts

Media enquiries regarding COVID-19
ChristchurchNZ Communications Team
Business enquiries regarding COVID-19
ChristchurchNZ Business Team
International Education enquiries regarding COVID-19
Stefi Porter - ChristchurchNZ International Education Partnerships Coordinator
Screen enquiries regarding COVID-19

COVID-19 Articles