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SCAPE Public Art

SCAPE Public Art installs free-to-view contemporary public art in Christchurch city. Their vision is for Christchurch people to be excited, engaged and stimulated by the contemporary public art that is well regarded and known by the national and international art world.

We've pulled together some of the noteworthy artworks and exhibitions below so you can get out and explore them.

Diminish and Ascend

Located in the Kiosk Lake in the Botanic Gardens, this 13 metre receding sculpture gives the illusion of a staircase to the sky rising out of the lake and it will stop you in your tracks.

The sculpture by David McCracken has previously drawn great attention in Sydney and Waiheke Island, and is here to stay in Christchurch until the end of 2017.

Make sure you head into the Botanic Gardens to see this one for yourself. It's just over the Armagh Footbridge by the carpark.

Call Me Snake

Judy Millar is one of New Zealand's foremost painters and is best known for her large-scale digitally printed and painted canvases which explore the ideas of scale and the compression of time and space.

Call Me Snake comprises of vibrant graphics from Millar's paintings and draws inspiration from pop up books. The piece echoes our city's current landscape - a mix of flattened sites, construction zones and buildings that have stood through the earthquakes.

Call Me Snake can leave you questioning whether its flat or 3D. Why not see it yourself on Armagh Street.

There are plenty more awesome exhibitions by SCAPE, head to their website to find out more.