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Antarctic Attractions

Christchurch has a number of world-class Antarctic attractions. Canterbury Museum cares for the largest and most diverse collection of Antarctic memorabilia in the world. Airforce Museum of New Zealand provides an opportunity to engage with New Zealand’s military and Antarctic aviation history. Ferrymead Heritage Park has a link to the ‘heroic era’ expeditions and US Antarctic aviation history.

International Antarctic Centre

The International Antarctic Centre opened in 1992 with a vision to create a visitor centre showcasing why Christchurch is an important gateway for Antarctic science programmes. Located next to the National Antarctic Programme campus and within a short walk from the Christchurch Airport. It is a 'must-do' when visiting Christchurch.

The International Antarctic Centre is the only specialised Antarctic attraction in the world. It provides a fun, interactive and informative way to learn about life on one of the most hostile continents in the world.

The experience

The closest you can get to Antarctica without actually travelling to the ice! At the International Antarctic Centre you can experience real snow and ice, survive an indoor Antarctic storm, learn about life at Scott Base, and watch Little Blue Penguins!

There is also the Hägglund ride, an awesome simulated 4D cruise, Happy Feet 4D and lots more.

Discover more significant Antarctic landmarks in Christchurch.

Photo credit: Penguin image supplied by Maddy Bellcroft © Antarctica New Zealand (2016) 

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