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Six Ways to Pay it Forward and Help Local Businesses

Credit Kelly Sikkema

Six Ways to Pay it Forward and Help Local Businesses

It’s crunch time Ōtautahi, as more business open their doors. Having gone with little or no income for weeks, local businesses need our support to keep them afloat and keep people in jobs.

David Dyason Economic Advisor at ChristchurchNZ explains that consumer spending is at the heart of kick starting our economy.

“In New Zealand approximately 60 per cent of economic growth comes from consumer spending. If we want to help our economy recover quickly from this huge shock, the most effective way is to encourage consumer spending and business investment,” said Dyason.

6 ways to make a difference to local businesses

1. Choose local

Farmers’ markets, family-run businesses, corner shops, home-based businesses, local online businesses – seek them out at every opportunity.

2. Round it up

When paying for your next takeaway or haircut round up the amount to the nearest five dollar. It might not seem like much, but it will make a difference as more and more people do it and you can't beat that feel-good factor it will create. 

3. Spread the word

If you find a good local business tell your friends and family, give them a shout out, comment or review on social media – they'll appreciate the free marketing.

4. Bring forward your spend

Now’s the time to get organised for upcoming birthdays or yes…even Christmas. Buying gifts now helps out local businesses lacking cashflow.

5. Spend the savings

During lockdown you may have been fortunate enough to save some money without purchasing your regular coffee or dining out. Think about ways you can spend some of that savings with local businesses.

6. Read up on what you can do

This is home economics 101. Economist David Dyason explains more about why local matters.

See our Explore Your Place page more information about spending local, including interviews with local business leaders and insights from our economic team.


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