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Sick of roasted potatoes? Try something new and discover the international side of Christchurch.
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Dine around the world in Christchurch

Fancy a real Italian pizza or a creamy Indian curry? Whatever your cravings are, we'll sort you out!

La dolce vita!

Nothing says comfort like pasta - rich, creamy indulgence! Pasta is not the only food that the Italians excel in, there's also pizza, risotto, polenta and don't forget the sweet treats like tiramisu or panna cotta. Luckily in Christchurch, there are a lot of good restaurants that spoil you with delicacies from "Bella Italia"!
Tutto bene, Casamassima, Mediterranean Food Company, Casa Nostra, Spagalimis, Café Valentino, Baretta, Venuti


Fajitas, burritos or quesadillas, the Mexican cuisine is simple but tasty. In Christchurch, there are many good options for Mexican and also for South American food as well. The hero of South American cuisine has to be barbecued meat, a meat-lovers dream!
Mexicano’s, Redfire BBQ, El Fogon, Caribe Latin Kitchen, Casa Publica

Kali orexi

The Greeks are famous for their hospitality and their food and wine are simply irresistible! Especially in winter when it’s cold, a hearty moussaka will warm you up for sure. If you still have room for dessert, be prepared to get the full sugar-rush Greek style!
Costas Taverna, Dimitris Greek Food

Ni hao

Chinese cuisine is more than dumplings and noodle soup. Try one of the many Chinese restaurants in Christchurch and dive into a different world full of exotic flavours and spices!
Madam WooNorth and South Gourmet, Madam Kwong, Red Bowl

Konnichi wa

Teppanyaki is a real experience! Be in awe as the chefs show off their cooking skills - spinning their knives on the teppan plate and make sure you watch out for the flying egg! Sometimes there's also fire involved, so be prepared to be surprised.
Tony’s Teppan Yaki, Kinji, Yamagen


Cinnamon, cardamom, cumin and rich curries - the Indian cuisine is the perfect comfort food! The spice not only adds to the flavour but also helps bring the body temperature up on a cold winters day. Our top picks include:
Corianders, Mumbaiwala

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