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Lyttelton & Governors Bay

Lyttelton Harbour is one of the oldest settlements on Banks Peninsula and is only a 30 minute drive away from the city centre. The charming town has a vibrant hospitality scene with lots of quirky bars and good restaurants.

Fisherman`s Wharf is a good place to indulge in New Zealand seafood. The menu is kept simple but the food on offer is varied: Seafood chowder, scallops or the famous green lipped mussels - there is something for everyone.

• Norwich Quay
• +64 3 328 7530

She Universe is the perfect place for a relaxing lunch while enjoying the sun and the view over the bays. The cafe's main focus is chocolate. She Universe's chocolate creations are widely known: The chocolate comes in all sorts of different flavours and is not only for chocoholics worth a try!

• 79 Main Road, Governors Bay
• +64 3 329 98 25

The Governors Bay Hotel was built back in the 1870s and is one of the oldest hotels in New Zealand. After the earthquakes 2010/11 the owners restored the building to its former glory. The view from the outside deck over Governors Bay, Lyttelton and Diamond Harbour is unbeatable and the best place in town to spend a warm summer night.

• 52 Main Road, Governors Bay
• +64 3 329 94 33


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