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Try our top spots to indulge in a delicious roast in Christchurch.
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The Top 6 Roast Meals in Christchurch

That’s what weekends are made for: Enjoying a Sunday roast in good company with a glass of wine. To save you time, we went on a mission to find some great places to enjoy a roast in Christchurch.


Nothing says Sunday like indulging in a delicious roast! JDV in Merivale offers a Sunday roast special - succulent rolled pork roast, crispy and juicy, the ideal meal to spoil yourself on a cold Sunday in Christchurch.

Pedro’s House of Lamb

If you're after a real Kiwi experience, Pedro’s House of Lamb is the place to go! The lamb shoulder is infused with rosemary, garlic, slow roasted and then served with scalloped potatoes. The portion is generous and designed to be shared. Pedro’s is a typical takeaway with only a few seats available to dine-in, so your roast is best enjoyed at home!

Little High

El Fogon - the fire. The name of the restaurant makes it immediately clear, it's all about fire and BBQ! The smell of chargrilled meat is hard to resist and is the main draw card of this South American inspired restaurant. The roasted meat is succulent, tender infused with a delicious smoky flavour. 


If you're looking for a real pub experience made in New Zealand, be sure to try Pomeroy’s on Kilmore Street. A good old pub, with a brewery and a restaurant attached, an all time favourite with both locals and tourists alike. Every Sunday there's a roast on the menu, with proper gravy, vegetables and potatoes.

Grand Café

The Grand Café in the Casino is a Christchurch institution. From breakfast to dinner and drinks at the bar, the Casino caters for everything. So it’s not surprising that the Casino also offers great roasts on a Sunday. If you're looking for good value for money, the Casino is the place to go!

Bloody Mary’s

Braised in red wine Bloody Mary’s offers a Wagyu short rib or a osso buco, the tenderest meat you’ve ever tasted. If you feel like sharing, try the “share two”, beautifully cooked merino lamb shoulder or a real classic: Chateaubriand.

Market Place Restaurant & Bar

Inspired by marketplaces around the world, this restaurant is a hub for people to meet and connect with food. Market Place Restaurant & Bar prides itself in using the regions finest ingredients— like the 10-hour slow cooked whole roasted Canterbury lamb shoulder with roasted vegetables and gravy. Delicious!

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