Stay Young at Heart
With our adrenalin packed Christchurch based adventures!
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Christchurch for the young (and young at heart!)

Being young isn’t about age, it’s about attitude! Whether you're 22 or more about just acting it, Christchurch has plenty of activities to get out there and into life. Here's a few ideas to get the blood pumping…


How do you feel about flying across a valley at 80km, 150m in the air, attached only to a (very safe and sturdy) wire? That's sure to get your blood pumping! The Zipline at the Christchurch Adventure Park is one of the city’s newest attractions, so grab a friend and fly into life side by side on the dual wires as you take on this exhilarating 4 zipline course! An experience you won’t forget.

Mountain Bike

While on the topic of the Christchurch Adventure Park, mountain biking has gained popularity again over the past few years, and here there is an option for all levels of fitness and ability. After riding NZ’s longest chairlift to the top of the hill, (a whopping 1.8km long!) you can zoom down again on one of the specially designed tracks and really feel that rush of adrenaline as you wind your way to the bottom.

Adrenalin Forest

Step out of your comfort zone and into this high ropes course at Adrenalin Forest. As the name suggests the towering trees in Bottle Lake Forest act as the stage for this mental and physical challenge that's sure to push you to your limits. With 6 different levels all increasing in difficulty you can stop at any time or keep pushing on till you reach the end!

Jet Boat

If you're more about sitting back and letting the machine do all the work then Jet Boating is for you. Canterbury is the home of the jet boat, and what better way to get a blast to your senses than a ride with Alpine Jet Thrills along the braided Waimakariri River at speed. Only 15 minutes from Christchurch Airport, just hold on tight and get ready to go!

Velocity Karts

For something a little different, whether you are 8 or the prime age of 80 years old, head out to Velocity Karts and jump aboard a kiwi made blokarts. Easy to learn, but a little more challenging to master, let the wind whip you around the specially designed course with speeds of around 40kph (for the extreme enthusiasts you can wait for a good windy day and get up to more like 60kph)! 

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