The Toy Collector

The Toy Collector knows that nostalgia exists in everyone and seeing a toy or picture can instantly bring forward a previously deeply buried memory. Taking a walk through The Toy Collector is a rare opportunity to experience a very broad range of toys all in the one building and is sure to bring a smile to your face and remind you of some childhood memories, whether your 4 or 84. It caters for all ages. The Toy Collector’s treasures are the result of years of collecting. His collection is not a museum in that the toys are all old and they are not all in pristine condition – after all, toys are meant to be played with. However,he wants to show that if toys are taken care of, they can be kept or passed on to create more memories.

Opening Hours

Business hours
    10am - 4pm
Months of operation
    All Year
  • Proximity to airport:
    Approx. 12 km
    Proximity to town:
    Walking distance from Central City

Pricing & Conditions