Tekapo Star Gazing

The ultimate in stellar relaxation, Tekapo Star Gazing combines the stunning Aoraki Mackenzie International Dark Sky Reserve with the soul-warming hot pools of Tekapo Springs. A 2-hour tour, the first half begins with an introduction to the night sky with our star gazing guides, and is complemented by looking through high-powered telescopes pointed at interesting features of the night sky. During poor weather, the tour is inside, using a high definition projector with fantastic colour astro images and video. After that, let the real world melt away as you relax in the hot pools on a floating hammock to ensure easy sky viewing. While soothing music plays, feel like you’re floating among the stars as you explore the skies at your leisure.

Opening Hours

Business hours
    8pm - 2am
Months of operation
    All Year
  • Proximity to airport:
    4 km from Tekapo Airport/3 hours from Christchurch and Queenstown Airport
    Proximity to town:
    2km from Tekapo village

Pricing & Conditions

No children under 6 years of age are allowed on tours. Full payment will be required at the time of your booking whether in person or online. Tekapo Star Gazing asks you to understand that we are unable to guarantee full clarity, perfect skies, and visibility of certain objects in the night sky. The tours will operate every night regardless of weather. We have indoor presentation options using virtual reality, followed by the same hot pools session regardless of weather conditions.