Blue Pearl Gallery

The Blue Pearl is unique to our waters. Our abalone – locally known as Paua – are the only abalone across the world that successfully produce Blue Pearls. Blue Pearls range in colour from the deepest blues of our ocean to the pink and violet hues of the sunset, as well as the lustrous greens of a farmer’s field. Craftsman jewellers work on these rare pieces right in front of you at the Gallery workshop as family staff members tell you the story of each individual piece. The Gallery also boasts an array of fine Paua Shell jewellery, greenstone and whalebone carvings, Kiwi-themed charms, and a trove of other treasures waiting to be uncovered.

Opening Hours

Business hours
    Summer: 7 days 10am-4:30pm. Winter: 3 to 5 days 10am-4pm
Months of operation
    Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec
  • Proximity to airport:
    90 mins
    Proximity to town:
    Right in the centre of Akaroa.

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