Big Sky Stargazing

The darkness of the night sky around Aoraki Mt Cook is unbeatable - its official! Let the team at Big Sky Stargazing introduce you to the wonders above. The 4367sq km Gold Status Aoraki Mackenzie International Dark Sky Reserve is the largest in the world and for this tour you will be the centre of it all. Our experienced guides will introduce you to our beautiful southern night sky with a full hour using the naked eye, astro-binoculars and state of the art 14" and 11" astronomy telescopes. Unleash your imagination as you discover our neighbourhood in the universe including the southern cross, seasonal ecliptic objects, planets, planets, stunning star clusters, moons, distant galaxies and even our very own galaxy, the spectacular Milky Way.

Opening Hours

Business hours
    Tour start times vary according to sunset
Months of operation
    All Year
  • Proximity to airport:
    Main national and international airports are Christchurch and Queenstown
    Proximity to town:
    322 km from Christchurch and 264km from Queenstown

Pricing & Conditions

Children under 4 not permitted on tour. Not recommended for children under 8.