Canterbury Tails
Here's a tale of some of the best tails you will find here in Canterbury!
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Canterbury Tails

We couldn’t help ourselves… here is a tale of some of the best tails you will find here in Canterbury, New Zealand…

The Hector's Dolphin

One of the world’s rarest and smallest dolphins can be found only in the cool waters off the Canterbury coast, in particular Akaroa Harbour. With a fin that looks a bit like a Mickey Mouse ear, and reaching only 1.4m in length, this is one tail you won’t find anywhere else.

Ahh Alpacas

So cute, so fluffy and so incredibly odd. Domesticated over 6000 years ago, ancient Incans once believed that the Alpaca possessed supernatural powers, no idea what they were, but we do know that their fleece has temperature regulating properties and is hypoallergenic, making it a popular wool alternative.

The New Zealand Fur Seal

These cheeky wee animals can be found right throughout the country, but are more common in the South Island. You can see them just driving in your car along the coastline, or as you are strolling down the beach, or you can experience their playful nature first hand (only under supervision!) with a seal swim!  


So many whales. The Canterbury coast is a haven for marine life with sperm whales, humpback whales, orca, dolphins, albatross and the above mentioned seals calling it home. Kaikoura remains the top whale watching spot in New Zealand due to the offshore 3km deep canyon that runs right along the coastline just offshore.

The cutest tail

This wee lamb tail from Fairlie in Canterbury was just too cute to leave off the list!

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