Bridle Path Walk

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Intensity: Walking track (but quite steep)

Duration of walk: 3 hours return

How to get there: There is a car park on the city side of the Bridle Path, just below the foot of the Christchurch Gondola. From the city take Brougham Street following signs for Lyttelton. Continue on this road as it turns to Port Hills Road and then Tunnel Road. Follow signs for the Gondola and the car park will be just below. Metro Bus number 28 takes you from Central Station to the Gondola base and through to Lyttelton.

Description of walk: The historic walkway was originally constructed in 1850. It was the foot route across the Port Hills for Canterbury's first European settlers travelling between Lyttelton and Christchurch and there are a number of memorial seats for the pioneers and the first four ships on the walkway. If starting from the city side, climb a steep gravel track to the Summit Road and the Crater Rim walkway. There is a distinctive hexagonal stone shelter by the road that commemorates the pioneer women of Canterbury. On the Lyttelton side, descend steeply before emerging on to Bridle Path Road. Once you reach Lyttelton follow the track down to the built up area and turn left and walk 30m to Cornwall Road then turn right and it is an easy walk into Lyttelton. Return the same way or alternative catch the number 28 bus back through the tunnel. A round trip with less effort can be made by taking the gondola up to Mt Cavendish and returning to Heathcote via the Crater Rim Walkway and Bridle Path.

Facilities available & important information:

  • Toilets available in Lyttelton
  • Dogs allowed on a lead only
  • Signposted

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  • By Viv 01/07/2014

    Oh the cruel irony of a bridle path 'walk' that is closed to horses.

  • By David 07/08/2014

    This is my favourite walk. You should try it. Highly recomended. Its fun it easy or if you prefer a challenge try walking up the oil pipe thats allways fun. The veiw from the top is great. You see Christchurch, Lyttleton and the hills. There is lots of nature on the track. The track is easily marked. so no one could get lost. You can also climb to the top of the gondela from this walk. What I do is I start at the bottem near the gondela. Walk over get some hot chips for lunch or afternoon tea. Then I walk back to the top. Enjoy the veiw and run as fast as I can down the oil pipe. I awlays do this walk with my family. I have had 5 year olds walk with me and 75 years olds. So It is a great walk. I can do the walk in about 2:30hours. You will love this thrack.

    • By Deb 30/08/2014

      David, can you explain the "oil pipe". It sounds interesting.