Bowenvale Sugar Loaf Circuit Walk

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Intensity: Walking track

Duration of walk: 3 hours return 

How to get there: From the centre of town, drive east on Colombo Street till you reach Centaurus Street. Here turn left and follow this road till you reach Bowenvale Avenue and turn right. The car park and the start of the track is at the end of the road.

Description of walk: From the car park take the Bowenvale Valley , which is initially a vehicle track shared with mountain bikers, and then the Bowenvale Walkway up to the Summit Road. Cross at the car park to the harbour side. Follow Cedrics Track to the Sugarloaf car park. 130 metres down the access road, pick up a signposted track that passes through Thomsons Reserve and past a stone shelter. Re-cross the Summit Road at Thomsons car park. Follow Latters Spur Track down through Victoria Park to the main carpark below the Visitor Centre. From here descend the East SideBush Track back down to Bowenvale.

 Facilities available and important information:

  • Car park
  • Water fountains
  • Picnic tables
  • Toilets in Victoria Park

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