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Huntsbury Track

Intensity: Walking track

Duration of walk: 2 hours return

How to get there: The start of the track is at the end of Huntsbury Avenue. To get here from the central city, head east along Waltham Road as it turns into Wilson’s Road. At the roundabout, take the first exit onto Centaurus Rd and then turn right onto Huntsbury Avenue. Follow this road till you reach a narrow hill. Here you can park along the street and then walk up the road to the start of the track.

Description of walk: The track starts at a fairly high point and follows the hill up to the top. It is uphill the entire way with some sections steeper than others. The path is a shingle and a 4WD track, it is easy to follow with stunning views across the city. At the top the track meets up with the summit road and there are extensions you can take to continue the walk including going down the Rapaki Track to make a round loop or go back down the same path.

Facilities available and important information:

  • Mt Vernon Farm Track which runs almost parallel and starts from the same location.
  • There is livestock so dogs must be kept on a leash at all times.
  • No toilet facilities close by.

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