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Styx Mill Reserve

Intensity: Short walk

Duration of walk: Up to 1 hour to complete the whole loop. Shorter walk loops and side track options also available.

How to get there: Styx Mill Reserve is located in Northwood and is easily accessed by car from Styx Mill Road and Husseys Road. Follow Cranford Street north from the central city and turn right onto Main North Road. From here Styx Mill Reserve is well signposted to the left.

Description of walk: The Reserve is approximately 57 hectares, extending along the Styx River for nearly 1.6km. The Reserve covers a wide variety of conditions allowing for a range of vegetation throughout the reserve, 10 species of freshwater fish and 46 bird species. The Reserve is a great place to enjoy a picnic as well as walks with sheltered spots and picnic tables dotted around. There is a dog exercise park which allows dogs to run around off the lead. The actual walks in the Reserve are highlighted in the map in the car park. 

Facilities available & important information:

  • Gates are open from 7am–6.30pm in winter and until 9pm in summer.
  • Styx Mill is a rubbish-free park, please take your rubbish home with you.
  • The reserve has a dog park.  The Dog Control Policy - Map 03 - Styx Mill Reserve has more information.
  • Toilets and map in the car park
  • Picnic tables

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