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Scarborough Walk

Intensity: Short walk (but steep)

Duration of walk: 40 minute return

How to get there: From the centre of town, head towards Sumner on Ferry Road. When you reach Sumner follow the Esplanade till you reach Scarborough Park and this is where the walk starts. There is parking around the area alternatively bus number 3 takes you from the airport through the central city to Sumner.

Description of walk: From Scarborough Park walk the steep Whitewash Head Road. At the end of this road steps continue up to the cliffs at Whitewash Head. From here, on a clear day you will have magnificent views as far north as the Kaikoura Range.  Continue along the path where you will reach a junction. From here follow the signs that lead to Nicholson Park. This path will descend through the playground and continue along the Scarborough Walk. Take Flowers Track directly back down to Sumner.

Alternatively you can continue past the Nicholson Park Junction and join up with the Taylors Mistake Walkway which will take you down to the beautiful Taylors Mistake.

Facilities available and important information:

  • Toilets at Nicholson and Scarborough Park
  • Water fountains available along the Esplande
  • Dogs must be restrained by a leash at all times