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Visiting Christchurch and Canterbury?

ChristchurchNZ encourages international travel sellers and inbound tour operators to experience our wonderful region year-round. There are varying levels of support available, so feel free to contact us at any stage to ask about assistance with activities, accommodation, site inspections and more.

Christchurch and Canterbury Famils

ChristchurchNZ assists in the development of key partner famils for New Zealand inbound tour operators, international wholesalers, travel sellers, and airlines. If you have staff that would benefit from visiting our city and region, please get in touch so we can discuss your specific needs and determine what assistance may be available to you. 

Tourism New Zealand

ChristchurchNZ works closely with the Tourism New Zealand trade team in the development of itineraries for visiting travel trade. Our organisation aims to maximise exposure on all travel trade activity with Tourism New Zealand, showcasing Christchurch and Canterbury as a place of opportunity and exploration, offering amazing experiences at all times of the year.

You may also consider applying for the Tourism New Zealand Explore Programme, outlined below.

Explore New Zealand Programme

Tourism New Zealand offers a discounted programme to help you discover New Zealand so you can share your knowledge with clients back home.

The benefit of the Explore Programme includes access to great discounts from accommodation and tourism operators who can showcase the best places and activities of which there are now over 1000 offers to choose from.

The Explore Programme is suited to frontline travel sellers currently selling New Zealand, as well as product planners, managers and other key decision makers who can increase New Zealand's profile as a visitor destination.

For full details and information on how to apply, check out the Tourism New Zealand website.