New cool pools for Tekapo Springs

15 September 2015

Tekapo Springs has announced plans to open three new cool pools this December. 

The new multi-million-dollar facilities will include an 80 square metre kid’s aqua play/spray area, a 130 square metre kid’s beach access pool an 80 square metre adults pool.

The new pool additions – themed ‘High Country Tarns’, each with its own distinctive shade of aqua green - are part of Tekapo Springs’ long-term growth strategy for expanding its aquatic attractions and offering a wider range of water temperatures and features.

Tekapo Springs is open year-round offering a mix of attractions suitable for the winter and summer months. Other facilities include an ice-rink, hot pools, a day spa, tube park and cafe. 

The addition of a new, cooler adult pool will open up will mean more variety for visitors on how summer days. Owner and Managing Director Karl Burtscher says they plan to run their new pools through winter, "depending on outside weather temperature."

Tekapo Springs, which first opened to the public in 2007 as just an ice-rink, is a year round facility offering relaxation and recreation. The hot pools and day spa were added, and in 2009 the snow tube bark was launched to much enthusiasm, giving visitors the opportunity to see snow without having to travel up a ski field. 

Since then, Tekapo Springs has added a summer tube park, extended their café and more recently brought The Trippo - world’s largest land-based inflatable slide - to New Zealand.