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Christchurch’s largest budget accommodation provider opens

12 November 2015

A new 300 bed central city budget hotel has opened and already has solid bookings through to April next year.

In a major boost to regional tourism, the $8 million All Stars Inn opened this week and will provide a mix of 42 private rooms and 37 dormitory rooms for leisure visitors to the city.

Located on Bealey Avenue, it is close to a number of the city’s most popular tourist attractions and easy to access from Christchurch airport.

All Stars Inn General Manager, Phil Leslie, says that the hotel will be quite different from existing Christchurch accommodation providers and believes the new complex will enhance the city's tourism industry.

“This is arguably the most important development for the rejuvenation of tourism in the region,” said Leslie.

“A key point of difference is that our complex targets leisure visitors who are coming to experience the region and generally stay longer than business travellers.

"We’re incredibly excited about being able to bring visitors back to the city and help inject some life back into the region.

This type of accommodation is really important for the local tourism sector and will help attract out-of-town visitors.

Chief Executive of Christchurch & Canterbury Tourism, Tim Hunter

“The All Stars Inn is also operating a travel desk where expert staff can support visitors to plan and book travel and experiences.

“Visitors to Christchurch can now enjoy brand new, value-for-money accommodation with all the benefits of having a newly renovated Bealey’s Speight’s Ale House restaurant and bar on site.

“Great value and a relaxed, friendly environment is what we will be offering our guests,” says Leslie.

Chief Executive of Christchurch & Canterbury Tourism, Tim Hunter, said this type of accommodation is really important for the local tourism sector and will help attract out-of-town visitors.

“The new All Stars Inn will significantly boost capacity in the value accommodation category in Christchurch which has been in short supply since 2011,” said Hunter.

“This new property has broad appeal to a range of travellers and is well positioned near the heart of the city.”

A key feature of this modern, contemporary development is the integration of technology. A system has been installed to ensure free WiFi is available in every part of the building, USB ports can be found in all rooms and individual charging stations have been added to all dormitory rooms.

Other features include an on-site Bealey’s Speight’s Ale House bar and restaurant, guest kitchen, entertainment lounge, games room, BBQ area, laundry facility and travel desk.

The new complex was has been three years in the planning after building owner Max Bremner made a commitment rebuild following a negotiated settlement.

“We worked constructively with QBE after making a commitment to rebuild and have followed through on that,” said Bremner.

“We’re thrilled with the outcome.”

The building construction is unique using an XLam pre-fabricated building system, including prefabricated flooring, walls and roofs, made from natural green resources.

XLam uses a cross laminated timber system that is a green building technology and the All Stars Inn is a first of its kind in Christchurch's rebuild.

Bremner, said the building is not only architecturally appealing but also strong and was economical to construct.

“Using panelised technology allowed us to construct a large building quickly and cost effectively,” said Bremner.

“The XLam system fittingly supports New Zealand’s clean and green image so its a big tick from a tourism perspective.

“This is a key development for the Canterbury region, which will positively add to the accommodation industry and wider economy.”



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