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Mona Vale Homestead reopens to the public

15 December 2016

After two years of rebuild and strengthening, the Mona Vale Homestead has reopened to the public. The Homestead is of considerable heritage significance in Christchurch, being a fine example of Victorian architecture.

Mona Vale is special as it is one of the rare great Christchurch houses whose impressive grounds are still intact

Mark Gerrard, Historic Places Canterbury Chairman

Historic Places Canterbury chairman Mark Gerrard said heritage venues had been in short supply since the quakes and Mona Vale would be sought after as a place to celebrate. "Mona Vale is special as it is one of the rare great Christchurch houses whose impressive grounds are still intact," Gerrard said.

The Homestead keys were handed over to event caterers and venue management company Continental, which has been operating the Homestead as a function venue and café/restaurant since the 1970s.

Continental managing director Greg Ward noted that Mona Vale was one of the few grand old homesteads in Christchurch with its gardens still intact. It was purchased by the City Council for the community - which made it special and loved.

Thankfully this beautiful building was on the repair list following the earthquakes and can once again contribute to, and be a part of, the community, and its rare and special attributes can continue to be enjoyed by Cantabrians and visitors alike.

Mona Vale has been restored to its former glory, operating the downstairs cafe known as Mona Vale Pantry, where visitors can enjoy breakfast, lunch, gala dinners and high tea or access the additional venue area upstairs for corporate functions and special occasions.

Contact Philip Riley, Venue Manager, Mona Vale, philip@monavale.nz, tel +64 3 341 7450

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