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Top Foods to Get You in the Mood
What better way to get in the mood than some aphrodisiacal foods.
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Top Food To Get You In The Mood

Spring is a time to celebrate new life, longer evenings and the return of sunshine.

But more than this, it’s a great time to make babies. Yeah that’s right, we said it.

Canoodling. Love-making. Getting down to business. Whatever you call it, spring is that time of year.

Blossom on the trees, love in the air Christchurch is the place to get going on that next generation.

What better way to get in the mood than some aphrodisiacal foods. Nibble on our suggestions and get ready to get busy.


Chocolate tops our list for foods to get you in the mood. It’s a known booster of serotonin – the feel-good hormone. However, wolfing down an entire family sized block is probably not the way to go. Stick to quality not quantity.

She Universe, with their base in Governor’s Bay and a shop at The Tannery, has everything from sugar-free to vegan chocolate, alongside loads of award-winning delights.

Check out Theobroma Chocolate Lounge at Westfield Riccarton for the ultimate chocolatey date night. Prepare to gaze into each other’s eyes over their drinks and desserts, waffles and chocolate fondue.

After something a little fancier? Strawberry Fare on Bealey Ave is known for their banging dessert menu. The Ultimate Chocolate Dessert is as good as the name suggests, as are their Devil’s Dream layered chocolate cake and Toblerone Cocktail!


Giacomo Casanova, Italian adventurer and the world’s most infamous lover, was said to eat 50 oysters every day for breakfast, giving him boundless libido. That’s a fair few shellfish, so maybe take it a bit easier than ol’ Casanova.

Oysters contain a bunch of acids that boost testosterone in both genders, and associated amino acids produce dopamine, the motivating hormone.

Louis Champagne and Oyster Bar on Victoria Street is a luxurious place to start your oyster adventure. With more than 12 flavour combinations, you’re in for a treat.

Amazonita on The Terrace has chilli and lime oysters on the menu, and Bessie on St Asaph St serves up market oysters on the daily. Munch down and get down. Boom.


Spicy food is said to improve a person’s libido and stimulate endorphins. Eating something spicy can cause sweating, a fast heart-beat and excitement - enough to put anyone in the mood!

Eden Alley on Riccarton Rd serves Korean dishes which pack a punch, including delicious hot-pot dishes. Get your taste buds and your partner ready – it’s going to be a wild ride!

Back in the CBD, Mexicanos on Victoria St is a hot spot for all things spicy. Make the most of their hot sauces on every table. Spice it up with a Pina Caliente cocktail, which translates to hot pineapple and includes tequila, pineapple, chilli and other tangy ingredients. Yeow!


Ok so the asparagus doesn’t look that exciting – but don’t be fooled! They’re one of society’s oldest aphrodisiacs. The French served three rounds of asparagus to 19th Century grooms the night before their wedding. Hint hint?

The popular spring vegetable is packed with nutrients for healthy hormone production and can increase blood and oxygen flow to all the right places…

Christchurch’s Farmer’s Market is the ideal hunting ground for local and seasonal produce to take home for that candle-lit dinner for two. Get down to Riccarton House on a Sunday and seek out Aspara Pacific who grow asparagus crowns locally.


From strawberries to blueberries and everything in between, it’s their sweet and tangy taste that make berries so popular. They’re high in zinc, key to stimulating libido. Zinc also helps with blood flow and regulates testosterone.

The Berry Shop on Sawyers Arms Rd are experts on all things berry. They produce fresh jams, chutneys, vinaigrettes and berry ice cream. They’re seasonal, open from November to March. They also sell cheesecakes – is there anything more romantic than taking to a cheesecake with nothing but two forks? Doubt it.

The Raspberry Café, in Tai Tapu, pride themselves on homemade sweet treats and berry goods. Their mouth-watering cakes and extensive lunch menu are available between Wednesdays and Sundays during the winter, and open daily from November.

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