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Singapore Consumer Show 2017

28 February 2017

Gain insights from CCT's recent attendance at Singapore Travel Revolution Fair and in-market sales calls.

Why we attend Consumer Shows

Consumer Shows are a cost effective way for CCT to promote Christchurch and Canterbury directly to consumers in key target markets. Partnering with Tourism New Zealand, Wholesalers and industry gives CCT the opportunity to leverage spend and increase regional presence in touring itineraries by encouraging consumers to stay longer and experience more.

Trade sales calls are conducted alongside consumer shows to maximise time in market. This allows CCT to further educate travel trade on regional touring itineraries, key selling points and suitable product, to address any questions the travel trade may have and to ensure Christchurch and Canterbury is top-of-mind during peak selling periods.

The Singaporean Consumer Show market

The demographic of Consumer Show attendees varies depending on the market and travel buying behaviour.

In South East Asia Travel Fairs are vibrant market places where customers queue up to seek information, plan their holidays, hope to get a bargain and most importantly book their next holiday. 

The demographic of attendees in Singapore varied from young professionals, expats, student groups to families and seniors.

Insights from the Singapore Travel Revolution Fair

The Singapore Travel Revolution Fair saw Singapore Airlines converting between 500 – 1,000 ticket sales a day with exhibitors generating thousands of dollars’ worth of bookings during the 3 day event.

Singaporeans are loyal holidaymakers to New Zealand and the direct link to Christchurch makes the South Island a very appealing destination for many.

The average length of stay for Singaporeans is 13 days with over half of visitors (58.4%) travelling outside the main regions, and 48.6% being repeat visitors.

Additional insights worth noting:

  • Celebrity endorsed tours are a popular way of selling group tours, campervan and car convoy tours.  
  • Self-drive is by far more popular that coach tours.
  • Seasonal dispersal is starting to happen for this market as summer is becoming unaffordable with hotel prices extremely high during February.
  • We are seeing more last minute bookings, where in the past 3 months in advance was the norm.
  • Dual destinations are a thing of the past for this market.
  • Christchurch features as an entry and exit point in all trade itineraries, which is a great step forward compared to where we were 5 years ago. However increasing length of stay in the city is a huge challenge. The day trip concept was well received by consumers however trade are slow to adopt.
  • Wildlife hotspots such as Kaikoura and Akaroa are popular. Furthermore, animal experiences are also appealing if the product has a hands-on component.
  • The top destination in Canterbury that wowed the crowds was the Mackenzie Region with strong interest in the Southern Lights and Aurora Australis.
  • Kaikoura was the second most popular destination due to a fascination for the all year round marine experience.
  • Looking at the night sky while soaking in the hot pools had a definite appeal, so Lake Tekapo Springs and Hanmer Springs are most definitely on the radar for this market.

For more information on the Singapore Market please contact Julia Hunt, International Trade Marketing Manager, Christchurch & Canterbury Tourism.


  • Julia Hunt

    International Trade Marketing Manager

    Where's Julia? She's at TRENZ, New Zealand's largest trade event showcasing the amazing city and region to international buyers. Over the course of 3 days, over 50 meetings were held with Senior Staff and Product Managers, educating them on what to see and do in the city and the region.

    Julia Hunt