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Famils 101 - Learning the Basics

31 January 2017

What are they and why do we do them?

Famils, familiarisations, FAMS, whatever you want to call them, they are an essential part of the work that CCT does. Famils are our opportunity to showcase Christchurch and Canterbury to key influential people, so they in turn can sell our region to their audience. This can include all kind of key influencers, like travel trade, wholesalers, professional conference organisers, media etc.

First-hand experience is simply THE most powerful selling tool we have at our disposal. What is more impactful…. being shown a pretty picture and told that you can fly to the top of the Tasman Glacier, land and have a walk around before flying back, or actually boarding that plane, and gliding between the magnificent Southern Alps, landing, touching the frozen ice, hearing the eerie silence and smelling that clean air and then flying home on a high from your experience. Which do you think will sell better?

Who is involved?

Famils don’t just happen. There is a huge amount of work that goes into allocating funds, identifying and selecting participants, itinerary development, logistical coordination, booking, hosting, and of course follow up.
CCT works very closely with key agencies (eg. Tourism New Zealand, Christchurch Airport, Airlines) to help secure a famil and are instrumental in all facets of the famils, from funding through to follow up. Key markets and themes are identified as part of an overall marketing strategic plan, and then participants are targeted to align with this. Partnership and collaboration by all parties is essential to making a successful famil, and without support CCT wouldn’t be able to deliver as many or such high quality famils as we currently do.

How are businesses and itineraries selected?

We often don’t have long with these participants, so it is a matter of matching products and experiences to their audience, and fit in as much as possible while ensuring the famil is valuable for all. It isn’t always as easy as it sounds!

Partnership and collaboration by all parties is essential to making a successful famil.

Sometimes specific operators are requested by the participants, and often there are restrictions such as commissionable products or Qualmarked operators, but other times there is more freedom to select a tailored itinerary (especially for media) so it is dependent on relationship (CCT Business Partners are given priority), availability and budget.


Next Blog – How do you get involved and best practice for hosting.

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