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Digital Update - The February Edition

21 February 2017

What Social Media Platform is right for you?

It’s 2017 and it seems every month there's a new platform, or a new feature within an old platform changing the way people consume content.

No matter what industry you're in, a question asked often is; what are the most effective social media platforms to use and where should I be directing my marketing resources and budget?

Here’s our basic guide of the best social media platforms to use for the tourism industry. 


With engagement rates and number of active monthly users dropping in some parts of the world, Facebook still remains kingpin in New Zealand. It's without a doubt the most effective social platform to gain conversations and see a direct ROI. The extensive targeting abilities on this platform allows you to effectively push crafted content in front of a specific audience with the push of a button. Targeted ad campaigns are a great way to acquire traffic to your website with minimal effort and spend. The key is producing engaging content for the right set of eyes which in turn should convert into a high volume of link clicks and lower cost per click (CPC) rates.

In terms of budget - this is the platform where you want to spend it! The targeting ability of ad campaigns can't be beat and the flexibility to pause, extend and optimise ads allows you to effectively manage your marketing spend.

TIP - make the most of the variety of content you can create on Facebook. For example, images, video, slideshows, canvas', 360, live video, messenger stories are a great place to start. 


Travel and tourism is the number one theme on Instagram so it's a no brainer that if you are trying to attract the visitor market - Instagram is where it's at! 

It's important to note that Instagram is a visual platform and strong image and video content is the key to success. Unlike Facebook, there's limited opportunity to get links through to web pages from the app unless you run sponsored posts or add a link to your bio. Because of this, Instagram is viewed more as a branding platform as opposed to generating direct leads.

TIP - Make the most of the bells and whistles!

Instagram has some pretty cool features that you need to take advantage of to get the most out of the platform, for example Instagram Stories. Similar to Snapchat, users can upload a series of short videos and images to their 'story' as a 'raw' way to push out content. You can also add links to external web pages and tag other users by their @username to really make the most out of this type of content. 


Think less about consumer content and more about industry news and updates for this particular platform. LinkedIn is also the perfect place to recruit new staff and keep up-to-date with other industry news and events. 


The fastest growing social platform is going from strength to strength and should not be ignored. Although several other platforms, namely Facebook and Instagram have adopted the disappearing content craze, Snapchat still holds strong with an important younger demographic and boasts strong engagement for 15-35 year olds. 

For many brands, the logistical execution of a Snapchat strategy can seem like a nightmare at first glance. Lucky for us we came across Mish Guru software program allowing us to manage the platform from our desktop, with the ability to curate content and access analytics.


Often forgotten and somewhat underestimated, Pinterest is a haven for destination marketers. This platform does require a certain about of man power as key word heavy descriptions are its key to success. If you have to time and resources to set up a Pinterest account and do it well, it can be a great traffic source for your website. 


For whatever reason, Twitter in New Zealand never really took off. Maybe it was the 140 character limitations or the fact that there are so many social media platforms out there that this once just didn't appeal to our market. However, Americans and Europeans are all about Twitter! If these are key markets for your business it may pay to take this platform a little more seriously.  

Always keep in mind that CCT is here to help with any of your digital questions and to help you plan and execute your online strategy. Please feel free to email me at any time to discuss your digital marketing.

Aleisha Duncan - CCT Online Marketing Manager