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Digital Update - The December Edition

Here's a snapshot of what’s happening in the digital world. This month we explore Google Mobile Indexing, new Facebook tools and Instagram Stories new features.

Mobile Mobile MOBILE

In these monthly blogs there will be a lot of talk about mobile and why it’s an important focus for any business. Here is this months reason: 


Google sees more mobile searches than desktop searches – so it's changing the way it indexes websites. Google will index mobile content first and use this to decide how it ranks its results. There will no longer be mobile-friendly adjustment for mobile users.

To put it simply - If your site is not mobile-friendly this WILL have an impact on how you appear in Google results. If you have a strong mobile site with mobile friendly content - Google will reward you with rank. You can no longer rely on a strong desktop site to ensure high Google search rankings. Mobile matters.

Let’s talk Social ….

Facebook Recruitment? 

It’s no secret that every now and then Facebook likes to flex its muscles and remind us who’s boss. Looks like this time they're trying to muscle-in on LinkedIn’s recruiting business with a new feature which allows business pages to promote job listings. 

Small business have been promoting job opportunities on the platform for a while now through basic wall posts - the new jobs tab will allow this to be a more sophisticated and seamless process. This will then open yet another revenue stream for the social giant as companies can pay the social network to get their open position in front of more candidates.

This feature is currently being tested and yet to be rolled out in New Zealand. Stay tuned.

Unified Inbox 

Facebook launched a unified inbox to allow businesses to manage interactions across Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. Businesses can now link the accounts so they can manage communications across the channels from a single app. - A time saving, life changing app for any social marketer! 

New Instagram Stories features 

Instagram rolled out new Stories features, including Boomerang, mentions, and links:

•With Boomerang, users can create a GIF-like looping mini video that plays forward and backward from a burst of photos, then share it to their Story.

•With Mentions, users can mention other users in Stories the same as they can in captions and comments. Mentioned usernames in Stories appear underlined. When users tap them, they’ll see a pop-up that takes them to the mentioned profile. When users are mentioned in a Story, they’ll receive a notification in Direct.

•With the links test, ‘See More’ links will appear at the bottom of some Stories posted by verified accounts. Tapping ‘See More’ or swiping up will display the link right inside the app.


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