Cruise Control

11 October 2017

As another season of cruise ships, cruise passengers and cruise excursions embark upon us, we thought it timely to pass on some totally generalised tips and tid bits with this ever growing travel market.

  • Know who they are and make sure you greet them.  This is should go without saying, but it needs to be said because it is so important!  Know the name of the ship and where the passengers on board are from.  What are the demographics of the ship, where has it been and where is it going to??  Remember those little touches like a little sign in your shop window that say “Kia Ora XXX passengers and welcome to Canterbury!” goes a long way.

  • “Crew”cial crucial.  The crew are a marketing billboard waiting to happen – don’t forget to show them a bit of love.  They are onboard advocates to the passengers, talking about the best activities to do onshore, and sharing little secret tips that are a “must do” so the guests feel like they are getting some insider knowledge.  Show these guys what you can do and make sure they have a good time doing it so they share it with the other crew, friends, family and most importantly all the passengers they chat with each season.

    The crew are onboard advocates , talking about the best activities to do onshore, and sharing little secret tips that are a “must do”

  • Time to say goodbye.  Seriously, when it is time for them to leave they really have to get onboard as the ship won’t wait for anyone!  There is always limited time for a cruise passenger onshore, so make sure you are efficient, and mindful of this so they feel they have got the most from their time with you… whether it is for 5 minutes at the fish and chip shop, or all day on a full excursion.

  • Food is important.  This is true for about 90% of people on holiday, but don’t forget that the majority of cruise passengers have paid for their food with the package, so they either want to get back on board to make the most of it, or otherwise what they eat that they pay for separately should be of a high standard.

  • Yes, they do want the t-shirt and magnet.  Shopping for trinkets and kiwiana souvenirs is important.  Memories they can grab for a few dollars to add to the collection of things from every port is their way of remembering places and showing where they been.  If you can have a selection of small (they still have to fit it back into the suitcase!) and inexpensive gifts then it is probably going to appeal.  
  • Be genuine and authentic.  Two traits that seem to come up time and time again when people talk about the people of New Zealand are friendly and real…. It is important that for cruise passengers we show them the same thing especially seeing as we only have a short amount of time with them in our port to impress.  Leave them feeling welcome, and thinking that they would love to come back…

  • .. because they just might be back.  The return visitor potential for Australian cruise passengers is huge.  Many will book a cruise, travel round and then decide where they want to explore further and spend more time.  Canterbury is such an easy destination for Australian visitors, so can become a real option for them to revisit.  

For a full timetable of this season’s arrivals, please see Cruise NZ’s schedule.    


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