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  • Singaporeans - sophisticated with a soft spot for the South Island

    3 April 2014 - Singapore and surrounding countries are a significant source of visitors to Christchurch and Canterbury. The direct flights from Singapore to Christchurch provide an important link into the region...

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  • Kiwi driver test or BYO…do we need a “licence to tour”?

    21 March 2014 - There’s been quite a bit chatter about imposing a potential special tourist licence for visitors to New Zealand who are driving on our roads.

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  • Tourism Research 101

    9 April 2014 - It may sound a little dull but monitoring the stats and conducting our own research is the foundation for all our work. Research projects help us to understand the visitor experience as it is (including identifying any issues), as well as understanding potential visitors and opportunities within a particular market.

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  • Big on Boutique

    30 April 2014 - Boutique. Sophisticated. Exclusive. Words that seem to describe the majority of the new establishments in the city. Now don’t get me wrong, I truly love what’s happening around Christchurch... but where are the options for just everyday?

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