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  • Big on Boutique

    30 April 2014 - Boutique. Sophisticated. Exclusive. Words that seem to describe the majority of the new establishments in the city. Now don’t get me wrong, I truly love what’s happening around Christchurch... but where are the options for just everyday?

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  • Public Holidays... Yay or Nay?

    23 April 2014 - Every Easter weekend there’s the same news story on Good Friday or Easter Sunday – should shops be allowed to open? It’s actually a very fine line between what is allowed to open and what isn’t.

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  • What do New Zealanders really think of Christchurch?

    23 June 2014 - Christchurch on Sale is the first Christchurch campaign that we’ve run in the domestic market since the earthquake. Why is this you may ask? Surely the domestic market should’ve been targeted long ago since they’re so close?

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  • Howzat?! What the ICC Cricket World Cup has in store for Christchurch

    16 December 2014 - The blog you’ve been waiting for! Time to learn everything there is to know about the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 and what it means for businesses in Christchurch.

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  • Restaurant Riches

    18 August 2015 - It has been the season for our Canterbury Restaurants to show what they are really made of, with the Chevron Christchurch Hospitality Awards and the Cuisine Good Food Awards just announced.

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