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  • A thought for Chinese New Year

    4 February 2014 - Across our province one gets the feeling of new optimism and a sense of relief as visitor arrivals from our long haul markets get back to normal...with all the old seasonal stresses on our accommodation stock and tourism pressure points.

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  • Top tips to help you engage with Chinese visitors

    28 May 2014 - Cissy Chen, our China Marketing Coordinator, shares some key insights and top tips that you can use to help get your business "China ready".

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  • Adding Dumplings to the menu

    27 May 2015 - Christchurch & Canterbury Tourism is working on a project that aims to lead a new type of food revolution in the region, with the goal of teaching our regional cafes how to cater for the demands of the growing Chinese visitor market.

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  • How to engage with Chinese visitors

    17 December 2015 - This summer is going to see more Chinese visitors than ever before in New Zealand. Find out some tips from the Christchurch & Canterbury Tourism China team on how to engage more effectively Chinese visitors.

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