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10 ways to infiltrate CCT - Part 2

by Kelly Stock, Media & Communications Manager, Christchurch & Canterbury Tourism

19 February 2014

We know you've been waiting all week for this second installment in our introduction to Christchurch & Canterbury Tourism. So, we won't keep you waiting any longer, read on...

We've been told that Christchurch & Canterbury Tourism (CCT) is a mysterious enigma, filled with lots of lovely ladies, plus a couple of scruffy guys! But what do we really do and how can you benefit from CCT and the team's huge knowledge base! (Even if we do say so ourselves...).

6. China

你好 Ni Hao! China – it's all you seem to hear about in terms of the next big thing (yes...even bigger than Lorde!). The lovely Cissy is on-board in the marketing team to help you make sure your brochure doesn't say you're the local elephant training facility, and check in on how cool you are in social media, plus more importantly, point you to the best Chinese noodle house in town!

  • Email Cissy with your questions. We've also asked her where to find the best noodles in Christchurch and her recommendation is Shanxi Noodles on Lincoln Road.

China – it's all you seem to hear about in terms of the next big thing (yes...even bigger than Lorde!)

Kelly Stock, Media & Communications Manager, Christchurch & Canterbury Tourism

7. Convention Bureau

So yes, we're down one massive meeting space, but we still have a great selection of good alternatives, and in the interim, Courtney and Caroline are on a mission to grab every convention, conference, board meeting and coffee catch up they can, and do an exceptional job at it too! Phew...I hate to think how many more hotels we'll need because of these two, once the Convention Centre is built!

  • Are you a CCT Bureau member already? Did you go to the last networking function? It is still the best way to chat with others in our industry and get those contacts up to scratch.
  • Need help arranging a conference? It isn't all about being a member...remember that this is what they do best, so if you have any questions or need any ideas, Courtney is the lady to ask!

8. Business Development

Every business has one, and honestly where would we be without the quintessential salesperson aka Business Development (BD) Executive. Luckily for us, Angela is a genuinely nice person who sells CCT to you, then comes back to the office and sells you to CCT!

  • Did you know the best sales tool is the power of referrals? If you have a mate who you think should be part of CCT – tell us! Angela will do all the leg work, all you need to do is point her in the right direction.

9 & 10. Influence and Advocacy

OK so this is where the big guns come in. We've made them 9 & 10 because they sit in the same bucket and are doubly important! Think of CCT as a seat at the table of those influential meetings, the person who might "second" your motion and importantly forces of nature (no pun intended) who are incredibly passionate about Canterbury and will take every opportunity to talk to those who will listen – whether they want to or not - about the city, the region and what we need to make this industry successful for you and everyone involved.

Whoa, this is a huge can of worms that I don't think I'll open. If you think that you have something for this category, please contact:

If you missed Part 1, check out infiltration tips 1-5.

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