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10 ways to infiltrate CCT - Part 1

by Kelly Stock, Media & Communications Manager, Christchurch & Canterbury Tourism

13 February 2014

We've been told that Christchurch & Canterbury Tourism (CCT) is a mysterious enigma, filled with lots of lovely ladies, plus a couple of scruffy guys! But what do we really do and how can you benefit from CCT and the team's huge knowledge base! (Even if we do say so ourselves...).

1. The i-SITE

These guys spend all day every day talking with local, domestic and international tourists in 10 different languages (including sign language), so they need to know about your business. Even though the team are awesome and can win most people over, not everyone's keen on the direct approach and just want to take away your brochure, so it's a great forum to have your business on display.

  • They accept bribes - in the form of morning tea! Set up a time with Graham, bring some cake (or savouries) and get the team's undivided attention so you can tell them all about your products!
  • They don’t like sending visitors to places that are actually closed for the evening, so be sure to keep the team updated on any changes to opening hours and days.

2. Trade 

Julia and Ellie, the dynamic duo are out to save Canterbury one travel agent at a time! They really do deserve superhero status for the great work they do, representing all of our operators and ensuring that we stay on the radar for IBO's, get recommended by frontliners and are the pick of the bunch for product managers.

  • Have your recently spruced up the rooms with a bit of fresh paint, or got a new and exciting additional service? Make sure you let the girls know!
  • Who is your latest flame? Talk to the girls about your target markets...one sided romances never work out you know.

3. Media

Ahh, the glamorous ones. Actually hosting journalists is far from glamorous and consists of a lot of smiling, agreeing that it's possible, and then frantically trying to make magic happen! Kelly and Emma are always on the lookout for unique and quirky points of difference to sell the dream to TNZ’s PR team, our PR team and all the random enquiries from Ashburton to Zimbabwe that we get in our inboxes!

  • Back stories, quirky traits and things that make you unique. That is media in a nutshell and what you need to give us to help sell the dream to journalists and PR agents.
  • People. A smile and good personality goes a LONG way in media, so be sure to put your best people up that will engage with media when we do bring people in...the more you make a good impression the more likely you are to get coverage!

4. Online

Often referred to as the marketing backbone within CCT, Averlea and Tania are our stars of the web...think social media, operator listings, content management, and image libraries. Actually anything that can be switched "on" and is too scary for the rest of us technophobes!

  • Did you see that hilarious picture of the cat looking all cute and sad on Facebook? Or that amazing sunrise this morning? Those images are the ones that go viral on social media channels, and those are the images that we need from you. Current, stunning, unique...ask yourself – would you bother to like or comment on it if it came up in your newsfeed?
  • When was the last time you checked your online listing? Are your photos from the 1980's or are they new and fresh? Is the phone number right? Remember it's totally free to list yourself on both Tourism New Zealand and our website.

If you want to be the star of any upcoming campaigns we need 1st class images, large scale and in a HIGH RESOLUTION.

Kelly Stock, Media & Communications Manager, Christchurch & Canterbury Tourism

5. Campaigns & Research

Exciting and geeky all at once! Sheena and, um, Sheena is all about reaching consumers to give them more reasons to visit us with newsletters, advertising, special deals and online campaigns. Then she gets out her little graphs and analyses if it all works with visitor numbers, money spent and questions about how people enjoyed their trip. It looks pretty complicated with spreadsheets, pie graphs, bar graphs. Man, I wish I paid more attention in statistics at school!

  • What's happening in your neck of the woods? Are you putting on any special events? Got any super sharp deals going? Sheena sends newsletters to thousands of super keen locals every fortnight, so make sure she knows what is going on in your neighbourhood.
  • IMAGES! If you want to be the star of any upcoming campaigns we need 1st class images, large scale and in a HIGH RESOLUTION. iPhone Instagram snaps will not suffice for the back of a bus.

See Part 2, for infiltration tips 6-10.


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