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Join us for tourism industry updates and tips to help keep you ahead of the game. Each week we'll introduce a new topic for discussion. So be sure to tune in and post your feedback – whether you have a question or some insights to share.

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  • A thought for Chinese New Year

    4 February 2014 - Across our province one gets the feeling of new optimism and a sense of relief as visitor arrivals from our long haul markets get back to normal...with all the old seasonal stresses on our accommodation stock and tourism pressure points.

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  • 10 ways to infiltrate CCT - Part 1

    13 February 2014 - We've been told that Christchurch & Canterbury Tourism (CCT) is a mysterious enigma, filled with lots of lovely ladies, plus a couple of scruffy guys! But what do we really do and how can you benefit from CCT and the team's huge knowledge base! (Even if we do say so ourselves…).

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  • 10 ways to infiltrate CCT - Part 2

    19 February 2014 - We know you've been waiting all week for this second installment in our introduction to Christchurch & Canterbury Tourism. So, we won't keep you waiting any longer, read on...

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  • So why is Australia a key market for tourism?

    26 February 2014 - Not only do Australians make up our largest number of arrivals into Christchurch, they’re also the biggest arrival market nationwide. The Australian market generates over 45% of total arrivals into New Zealand.

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  • Rumours of Facebook’s demise have been greatly exaggerated

    5 March 2014 - Whether or not you believe the predictions that Facebook will lose 80% of its users by 2017. It’s probably fair to say that it and other social media platforms will remain a valuable channel in your organisation’s marketing mix if their features, functionality and users help you achieve your marketing goals.

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  • Filtering out the phonies

    12 March 2014 - With so many bloggers, journalists, and film crews around, how do you decipher the genuine, from those that promise the world without delivering anything?

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  • Kiwi driver test or BYO…do we need a “licence to tour”?

    21 March 2014 - There’s been quite a bit chatter about imposing a potential special tourist licence for visitors to New Zealand who are driving on our roads.

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  • Singaporeans - sophisticated with a soft spot for the South Island

    3 April 2014 - Singapore and surrounding countries are a significant source of visitors to Christchurch and Canterbury. The direct flights from Singapore to Christchurch provide an important link into the region...

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  • Tourism Research 101

    9 April 2014 - It may sound a little dull but monitoring the stats and conducting our own research is the foundation for all our work. Research projects help us to understand the visitor experience as it is (including identifying any issues), as well as understanding potential visitors and opportunities within a particular market.

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  • Public Holidays... Yay or Nay?

    23 April 2014 - Every Easter weekend there’s the same news story on Good Friday or Easter Sunday – should shops be allowed to open? It’s actually a very fine line between what is allowed to open and what isn’t.

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