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Ease of doing business in Canterbury

After a $40B investment in the rebuild of the city, Christchurch has been reimagined and recognised for its inventiveness, energy, vibrancy and resilience. These qualities are attracting top scientists, creators and innovators, investors and entrepreneurs to Christchurch.

Christchurch has a talented and innovative workforce of scale with a population of 404,600.

Our regional strengths are in:

  • engineering
  • software development
  • high tech manufacturing 
  • construction

There is a massive supply of affordable industrial zoned land, and 21st century infrastructure with capacity to grow.

There is a huge talent pool to draw from with a range of skilled crew living in the area and three large tertiary institutions some of which producing screen industry graduates. 

Much like the rest of the country, it is easy to do business in Christchurch due to the city’s safety, connectivity and lack of corruption.

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