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All about Aotearoa

8 October 2018

Christchurch’s only central city wine bar Not Without You is showcasing the best food and wine Aotearoa has to offer visitors and locals alike – plus giving them the chance to do a cheeky bit of shopping.

The funky yet friendly establishment, which is in the heart of Little High Lanes and opened at the end of July, is the brainchild of business partners Phillip Sunderland, Helen Pfahlert and Stuart Montgomery. All the wine, craft beer, food & fashion on offer is produced in New Zealand – much of it from Christchurch and Canterbury.

Under the same roof as the wine bar is their fashion store DUAL, New Zealand’s only denim brand – manufactured only 800 metres away on Lichfield Street. 

The team, who come from creative, design & fashion backgrounds have all previously worked together. They clearly have a passion for supporting all things New Zealand and are “here for the long-haul”.

“We love the unique nature of the story. We are staunchly patriotic to all things Aotearoa. It's a true joy to support the artisans, winemakers, beer brewers, cheesemongers, bakers, knife makers, designers and manufacturers from New Zealand. We are not the experts; but we source from them,” Phillip says.

Helen says it’s all about the stories behind the products.

“The coffee cups, plates and bowls are handcrafted by Tatyanna at the Busy Finch on St Asaph St; coffee beans are roasted by Unknown Chapter, just across the road; the feature lights are crafted by Ivy and Willow Baskets from Plimmerton; our craft beers are from all over New Zealand – but only the ones that haven’t been bought out by the big boys; the cheese is from the Canterbury Cheesemongers; cured meats, pates & smoked seafood from Sydenham’s Euro Gourmet Meats, Cashmere Cuisine and Eaton Drink Co and the wine from Central Otago to Kumeu.”

The wine is even chilled in fridges manufactured 4km away in Christchurch. 

The team selected the business location carefully, setting up next to fashion labels World and Plume who are also advocates for New Zealand made fashion.

“We wanted to help create a New Zealand fashion hub. There are plenty of fast fashion options in the central city and we are not trying to compete, just to give an alternative to people that want to buy New Zealand made and support our local talent, expertise and skill,” Phillip says.

Matching the denim brand with hospitality was their way of creating ambiance in the retail space, making it a great destination for locals to catch up with friends, business meetings or for international visitors to try a true taste of Aotearoa.

"We love this city - we have everything at our doorstep, mountains, oceans, great people. But the city has to be vibrant, creative, dynamic. It has been through a rough time, but is now reviving and we see some fantastic opportunities to support what is going on in our region and to draw people back to the city centre with a compelling story,” Helen says. 

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