WETA Workshop Dr Grordborts Exceptional Exhibition

6 January 2014

Richard & Tania Taylor from WETA WORKSHOP are giving Christchurch a New Year arts and entertainment boost starting 23rd January 2014 through to end of February 2014! And….they’re bringing some colourful characters to town. Richard, Tania and Greg Broadmore have offered their world renowned Dr Grordbort’s Exceptional Exhibition to Christchurch.

What is Dr Grordborts?

Dr Grordborts is a fictional world created by Greg Broadmore (a senior conceptual designer at Weta Workshop) and curated by the team at Weta Workshop. It’s futuristic and retro at the same time, featuring ray-guns, rocket ships and liberal dollops of idiocy. And it’s real, thanks to the brilliant design, sculpting, props-making, prosthetics and costuming skills of the workshop team, coupled with the latest in 3D technology. Three best-selling books have also been published. It is, literally, a global phenomenon from Aberdeen to Zanzibar.

In 2014 the exhibition will be travelling off-shore for the next five years. As their contribution to our city, Richard and Tania have offered to bring the Dr Grordborts Exhibition to Christchurch. The exhibition includes a breath-taking array of sculptures, artworks, digital visual effects, paintings, and more. It is a unique opportunity for people of every age to step into an alternate reality unlike any other.

Opening 23rd January at The Colombo, Sydenham the Dr Grordborts Exceptional Exhibition in Christchurch is a treat event not to be missed.