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Tourism New Zealand and GoPro Partnership First

25 September 2018

Tourism New Zealand and Christchurch Airport's SOUTH collective, have partnered with GoPro to launch the brand-new HERO7 Black camera and showcase New Zealand's South Island.

The innovative initiative will run in parallel to Tourism New Zealand's South Island Journeys campaign which promotes five #nzmustdo South Island road trips all starting in Christchurch - the gateway to the South Island.

To mark the global launch, a contingent of 22 Australian and New Zealand lifestyle media, GoPro athletes and content creators travelled throughout the South Island to capture their experiences using the world-first technology. 

The group explored the five road trip routes in the south including the Top of the South, Alpine Lakes Journey, TranzAlpine Explorer, Southern Scenic Route and Discover the South Journey.

Some of Australia's best social media influencers including Jarrad Seng, Brinkley Davies, Matty J and Brook Macdonald joined the epic New Zealand road trip, filming their favorite #nzmustdo moments along the way.

Tourism New Zealand's General Manager Australia Andrew Waddel, said the partnership and social media first is the ultimate storytelling equation.

New Zealand's South Island offers a diversity of experiences, totally different from your everyday. This was the perfect place for us to shoot.

Pablo Lema, GoPro's Vice President, Product Management

"We're thrilled to instigate a partnership that is social by design - given Instagram is the new travel guide.

"The GoPro activity marries cutting-edge technology with the most unique playground and visually diverse location - New Zealand.

"We know from research Australian's love to road trip without the stress and hassle of long distances. More than 70% of Australians self-drive during their stay to New Zealand and enjoy visiting different regions. 

"Earning the attention of our Australian audience, tapping into brand strengths and telling the right stories to the right people is key to positioning New Zealand as a 'visit now' destination.

"Australia is our largest international holiday market. Aussie visitors tend to stay an average of 10 days, which is the perfect length of time to experience a South Island holiday - particularly in autumn."

GoPro's Vice President, Product Management Pablo Lema said New Zealand is a content creator's dream location. 

"New Zealand's South Island offers a diversity of experiences, totally different from your everyday. This was the perfect place for us to shoot.

"The new GoPro HERO7 Black boasts gimbal-like video that's insanely smooth and smart-capture superpowers for the best, most brilliant photos automatically. Battle-tested and waterproof without a housing. It's the most advanced GoPro ever. 

"The trip was designed to immerse the group in New Zealand's ecosystem while educating them on GoPro's newest product. We shot so much epic regional content during activities including - hiking, off track mountain biking, kayaking with seals, scenic flights over whales, ski plane glacier landings, V8 trike tours, private cruises through Marlborough and Milford Sound and wildlife encounters", Pablo added. 

For the next six weeks, Australians will be presented with inspiring images of New Zealand's iconic South Island as part of the annual campaign. In conjunction with Christchurch Airport and SOUTH (a membership-based collaboration of 14 South Island Regional Tourism Organisations) the campaign promotes travel into Christchurch Airport.

Christchurch Airport's Chief Aeronautical and Commercial Officer Justin Watson says previous campaigns have seen more than twice the growth of visitor arrivals into New Zealand.

"Christchurch is the international gateway to the South Island, with direct flights from Australia's main centres including Perth, Australians will really enjoy the itineraries, exploring the South Island's regions and road tripping between the wide variety of experiences."

The South Island Journeys campaign runs until 4 November 2018 with travel packages available between March and May 2019.

Discover New Zealand's five amazing South Island Journeys visit here.

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