Tourism Growth Partnership investing in Christchurch Adventure Park

21 May 2014

The Tourism Growth Partnership (TGP) is investing in 6 projects to grow the tourism sector in New Zealand including Select Evolution NZ's proposed Christchurch Adventure Park.

The Park will be built on 315.7 hectares of forested land in the Port Hills, 5km from the centre of Christchurch. It will be the biggest downhill bike park in the Southern Hemisphere, operating 365 days of the year and attracting visitors from around the globe.

The Christchurch Adventure Park will target the high value growing adventure sport market and support New Zealand’s commitment to attracting high profile international events.

The Park will complement existing investment in New Zealand's cycleways and showcase New Zealand as a centre of excellence in the sport. It will have over 120km of groomed trails, a 1.8 km purpose-built lift rising 1,427 vertical feet, along with numerous other adrenaline based activities. The Park will be the only such facility in the world - open year round, and will have bespoke accommodation designed specifically for mountain bikers.

The Park will bring a number of material benefits to the tourist sector and beyond:

  • Deliver an anchor tourist attraction to Christchurch
  • Establish a globally competitive centre of excellence
  • Year round operation providing off-season tourism
  • Produce wide economic benefits to the tourism supply chain from transport, accommodation (expected 30,000 extra room nights), ancillary businesses and global recognition through the staging of international events.

The Park, alongside facilities such as Rotorua and Queenstown, will provide a significant draw for a 3 centre mountain bike holiday experience in New Zealand.

Key facts

Programme start: October 2014
Length of TGP Funding requirement: 1 year
TGP funding: $2,000,000
Industry funding: $20,500,000
Estimated potential economic benefits to NZ: Conservative estimate of $10 million per annum by 2025