The Banks Peninsula Track marks quarter century

5 December 2014

The Banks Peninsula Track marks a quarter century with a generous donation to the Banks Peninsula Conservation Trust.

Twenty five years ago a group of landowners on the Banks Peninsula "Wildside" came together to create the Banks Peninsula Track company. They offer two and four days walks across their private land, the first private walking track in New Zealand, offering access to otherwise non-accessible views, accommodation, orientation and pack cartage options.

Part of the wonder of the Banks Peninsula Track is the wildlife walkers have the opportunity to see including the white-flippered penguin /korora, and the larger yellow-eyed penguin/hoiho, both treasured wildlife of the area. The rare hoiho is here at its northern most breeding limit, and the white-flippered race of blue penguin is restricted as a breeding bird to Banks Peninsula and Motunau Island.

The Banks Peninsula Conservation Trust work with landowners on the Peninsula to protect flora and fauna. They covenant land, educate and provide pest control assistance. This work has enhanced the work carried out by many individuals to create greater benefit for the flora and fauna on the Peninsula.