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Meet KT from Christchurch Sea Kayaking

I’m KT and I have created Christchurch Sea Kayaking by melding all of my experiences of being an Outdoor Instructor in the field and Sea Kayak guiding in the north and south of Te Wai Pounamu.

Working in the outdoors fits in with my philosophies, especially with my inherited indigenous culture of Waitaha.

Looking after the environment is the most basic of values of my philosophy and culture. Both understand that, in turn, the land looks after us, and financially, mentally and physically, the Avon river looks after me.

So it was an easy decision to join the NZTIA. Much of my ideals and beliefs are held in easy to follow categories on their website, by trying to touch on all of them, or focusing on a few particular ones, is such a great initiative to help get us Tourism folk on track for long term sustainable businesses.

  • Joy Sajamark

    Public Relations Specialist

    Where’s Joy? She’s enjoying the first snow of the season in Lake Tekapo - a picturesque 3.5-hour drive south of Christchurch.

    Joy Sajamark