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'Cultural cookbook' shines bright light on Canterbury food scene

30 November 2017

Canterbury’s rich edible resources and status as a food destination feature in a new 'cultural cookbook' that explores New Zealand’s contemporary food identity.

Kai and culture: Food stories from Aotearoa is a book of essays, profiles and recipes that capture the country’s emerging and evolving food identity.

Produced by Christchurch-based independent publisher Freerange Press, the multi-author book highlights several innovative food projects, urban farms, chefs and producers in the Canterbury region.

Kai and culture also canvasses some of the current issues involved in the growing, making and eating of food.

It was made in collaboration with writers, chefs, producers and others in the New Zealand food industry.

Chefs, academics, foragers, writers, producers and entrepreneurs share their recipes and ideas about the country's food identity and examine contemporary issues – from food resilience and security to sustainability and sovereignty.

“[It’s] a cultural cookbook, if you will,” says Editor Emma Johnson, of Freerange Press.

“Food tells a story. It contains the expression of a place and the way the land, people, ideas from elsewhere and webs of activities intersect. It is a great connector – we all share in the experience of food, albeit in very different ways.”

Kai and culture shines a bright light on Canterbury and includes contributions from local chefs Jonny Schwass (Ilex Café), Alex Davies (Gatherings), Giulio Sturla (Roots Restaurant), Ivan Donaldson (Pegasus Bay) and more.

It also profiles other exciting projects and producers in the region, such as Black Estate, Anteater, Cultivate Christchurch, Ōtākaro Orchard and Ahikā Kai.

Read more here.

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