Another award for Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools and Spa

16 September 2015

Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools and Spa has won the Champion Tourism award for a Medium/Large enterprise. 

The Champion Canterbury Awards recognise and celebrate excellence, innovation and the success of businesses and charities in the region. The winners have just been announced at a ceremony in Christchurch.

Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools and Spa General Manager Graeme Abbot says they’re delighted.

"2014 was a record year for us with profit growth of 7% and more than 518,000 visitors. It also saw the upgrade of our changing rooms and a huge focus on environmental issues.

Graeme Abbot says the complex’s management team has also led a comprehensive review of its health and safety procedures.

“We’re now even more rigorous with reporting any incidents and ensuring they are dealt with. We also went further than just looking at our own operation and worked with our local contractors too”.

That involved helping contractors to understand the importance of Health and Safety Plans, assisting them to write one and establishing regular meetings.

"We invested a lot in researching and developing new ways to use our thermal water. That resulted in a 30% reduction in the amount of chemicals we use and we’re now saving more than 100 million litres of water per annum. It’s great to have that work recognised".

Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools and Spa General Manager Graeme Abbot

“This has been a huge success. Before we began this process only 2 of the12 contractors in this group had Health and Safety Plans ­ now they all do”, says Graeme.

Graeme Abbot says the organisation has plenty of plans to improve its business in the future.

"We’ve never been one to rest on our laurels and aren¹t about to start doing so now. We¹re about to open our new eaterie, The Tea Kiosk Café and Grill; will be launching a new range of spa products soon and have plans to create a $15 million spa on the Queen Mary Hospital site.

"We’ll also continue to look at how we use our thermal water and aim to save even more. It takes Mother Nature 173 years to heat it up our water and infuse it with minerals so it’s important we don’t waste a drop.