Facts and Figures

Did you know?

  • There are 436,056 people living in greater Christchurch (2013 Census).
  • The Canterbury economy has grown 31% in the past 5 years (CDC).
  • The Canterbury rebuild is the largest economic undertaking in New Zealand’s history, and is likely to continue at pace for another 3 - 4 years (CERA).
  • The cost of the rebuild is estimated at $40 billion (CERA).
  • Building consents issued for non-residential work in August 2015 totalled $384.4m, 57% of the national total. By comparison, in August 2014 the total was $115.4m and August 2013, $51.2m (Statistics NZ)
  • An additional 110,000 square metres of central city floor space will be completed within 2 years, accommodating 10,000 office workers in the central city by late 2016 or early 2017, growing to 12,500 to 15,000 by Christmas 2017.
  • A record summer is underway at Christchurch Airport, with a 16 percent increase in passenger numbers. This growth is predicted to top 20% in the month of February. The airport will service close to 6.4 million passengers this year (up from 5.9 million last year ) – the most passengers the airport has ever handled in a single year. CIAL estimates new and additional services will bring in an additional 50,000 international visitors over the next 12 months. At an average visitor spend of $3200 = more than $150m in visitor spend – the majority of which stays in the South Island (CIAL).
  • Total holiday arrivals are up 10% YE December 2015 compared to YE December 2014. This equates to 270,448 holiday arrivals (Statistics New Zealand).
  • The China market has seen the most growth with 24,864 arrivals into Christchurch, YE December 2015 a 58% increase (Statistics NZ).
  • There are now 303 commercial accommodation properties in Christchurch equating to 11660 beds (Commercial Accommodation Monitor).
  • International commercial guest nights were up 6% in Christchurch YE November 2015 compared to previous period. Domestic guest nights were up 6% (CAM).
  • There are more than 800 cafes and restaurants in the city, nearly as many as there were pre-quake. New businesses continue to open every month.

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