City Story Angles

There’re so many fantastic stories to be discovered in Christchurch. From Art and Architecture, to Food and Fashion, here’s a few ideas to inform and inspired.

New Regent St new

Christchurch is constantly evolving and the new city is starting to take shape. See the projects, businesses and buildings that are contributing to the CBD’s new look.

Deloitte Buliding

There is amazing new architecture that has gone up, and is going up in the central city. See how the city is taking shape, with amazing new techniques and eco-initiatives taken into consideration in many of the projects.

Roots dish

The hospitality scene in Christchurch continues to grow, with fantastic new restaurants, cafes and bars opening throughout the city. Foodies will be in heaven with the huge range of fresh produce from the region, top wines and great coffee.

In front of Street Art

Art is everywhere in Christchurch, and it’s changing the way the city looks and feels. Street art murals have transformed blank walls into vibrant masterpieces, and the Christchurch Art Gallery and CoCA gallery are once again open in the centre of town with exciting new pieces and exhibits.

Stranges Lane

Explore all the fantastic nightlife hubs that Christchurch has to offer. Whether it be an evening at the theatre, dinner at a fantastic new restaurant, or drinks and dancing in the central city, Christchurch has all the ingredients for a great night out.

Transitional 'Cardboard' Cathedral at night

Only have a day to explore the city? There’s heaps of different things to see and do with one day up your sleeve. Check out the new projects, street art and food, and explore all the transitional city has to offer.

Punting with ducks

Christchurch is often referred to as the garden city, and is regularly described as one of the most English in New Zealand. From architecture to attractions, trees to trams, experience Christchurch’s heritage with a day exploring the central city.