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Why I love the central city – Trudy McLean, Groovy Glasses

If you’re looking to make a statement with your eyewear then Groovy Glasses is the place to go. Trudy, owner of Groovy Glasses on New Regent Street has worked in the central city for 35 years and talks to us about her favourite parts of the city.

What’s your go-to lunch spot in the central city?

Foundation cafe at Tūranga, the central library.

If you had one day to spend in the central city, what would you do?

I’d walk my dog along the City Promenade starting at the Margaret Mahy Playground. I’d stop for lunch at the Pegasus Arms or at Foundation at Tūranga in the central city library.

I’d go shopping on New Regent Street and Cashel Mall. Go for a walk through the Botanical Gardens.

Have dinner at The Curators House in the Botanical Gardens or Twenty Seven Steps on New Regent Street and finish with a Pina Colada cocktail or two at Casa Publica.

Best kept central city secret?

The Trenches Restaurant at the RSA on Gloucester Street for a meal or a drink, it has really interesting historic military decor and good hearty food. I like the Pegasus Arms on Cambridge Terrace – it’s a good old-fashioned English country pub right on the banks of the Avon. Or the OGB outdoor dining area with gas fires and umbrellas and staff dressed in 1920s costume.

What sets the central city apart from other parts of Christchurch?

How many cities in the world have the advantage of having a beautiful river meandering all the way through the central business district with gorgeous old trees lending their presence? We are very fortunate to have such a luxurious resource to enjoy as we eat our lunches, meet our friends and go about our shopping.

One word to describe the central city?


What would you say to someone who thinks the central city is boring?

Go to the Margaret Mahy playground and follow your nose around the river walkway heading toward the centre of the city. You will be proud and amazed at what we have on our doorstep – whether it be man-made or created by nature – it's all been rolled into one for our absolute pleasure. How lucky are we?

Finish this sentence, ‘I love the central city because….’

There is nowhere else in Christchurch with the energy created by multiple businesses, projects and spaces all within walking distance of a central heart. The Avon River and its glorious grassy banks and generations of old trees. All the magnificent buildings, old and new, add a jaw-dropping dimension that no suburb can come close to emulating.

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