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Why I love the central city - Stu Waddel

What better way to explore the city than by bike! Yeah baby! With 21 years in the tourism game, Chill Explore With Us certainly know their stuff - with biking and walking tours to explore inner-city Christchurch.

We caught up with the man on the peddles Stu Waddel to chat about running a business in central Christchurch. 

How long have you worked in the central city?

We have been based in the city for the past 15 years, and recently (Oct 2018) moved into a central work space on Durham St North, opposite the Old Provisional Chambers in the Awly Building.

Are you doing anything this winter to attract more business?

We are running a locals night ride tour. The two hour tour explores the city by night discovering laneways and enjoying treats along the way. It's a lot of fun and super cool to see the city lit up at night. The tour finishes with a short walk to The Terrace for a drink and something to eat. The tour costs $55 per person min 4 people. Bookings essential, includes bikes, helmet and guide.

What is your go-to lunch spot?

We have a beautiful courtyard out the back of Chill, where we can put people on bikes and send them into the city, it’s also a great spot to relax for lunch.

Where in the city do you live?

Central city very close to Hagley Park and an easy 5 min ride to work on an electric bike.

Tell us what your ideal day out in the city looks like?

An opportunity to guide people on bike around Christchurch, and share the city’s history, plus how good it is to explore on two wheels. We might even grab a coffee at C4.

What is your best kept central-city secret?

Walking along Park Terrace and taking in the 21 different lights donated by cities all over the world. The Solidarty Grid, something special, casting light on dark times.

What sets Christchurch central city apart from other places in the city?Or other cities in New Zealand?

Christchurch is unique both as a place to live and visit. From a local’s perspective, we are watching the city grow from the ground up and this is something that gets me excited but also puts an interesting perspective on where we have come from. The city is rich with recent history worth sharing.

From a visitor's perspective, there are new buildings and businesses to take in, plus the laneways and alleyways make the connectivity between the streets and river easy to get about and explore. I also love the new landscape of the Avon River, our city’s natural icon.

What is your favourite central city spot during winter?


Can you sum up the central city in one word?


What would you say to someone who says there is nothing to do in the central city?

What do you do at home that makes life boring?

Can you finish this sentence: ’I love Christchurch central city because ...

... I live here.’

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