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Why I love the central city – Lisa Levy, INATI

INATI is one of Christchurch’s top foodie destinations and sits firmly at the top of TripAdvisor’s local restaurant recommendations. In less than two years it has made a huge impact on the culinary culture of the city. We caught up with Lisa Levy to talk about the family restaurant and her love of the city centre.

Where in Christchurch do you live and how long have you been based in the central city?

I live in Ilam and INATI has been here in Hereford Street for almost two years.

What’s on at INATI over the winter months?

We have three events happening – to celebrate our second birthday we are doing a collaboration with WORLD for an evening. We’ll also be putting on a truffle dinner with a date and an evening with Waipara wineries. So, watch this space!

If you had only one day to spend in the central city, what would you do?

We would visit the Botanical Gardens, Christchurch Art Gallery and the Canterbury Museum with our children, have a lovely spot of lunch somewhere sunny and play mini golf at City Putt and Cruise.

What’s the best kept central city secret? 

INATI! We love what we do here, and it’s so great to share it.

What sets Christchurch central city apart from other places in the city?

It’s unique, its new, it has incredible street art, and there is always something happening in the central city. Great restaurants and bars, fun things to do as an adult or with children.

Favourite central city spot in winter? 

The Canterbury Museum.

Sum the central city up in one word


What would you say to someone who thinks the central city is boring? 

They haven’t experienced what’s on offer. Parking is easy, there are lime scooters if getting from one place to another is difficult. There is so much to see and do that I could never say Christchurch city was boring!

Finish this sentence….’I love Christchurch’s central city because…”

It is exciting. We are building a fabulous city for our children to be proud of and something to offer future generations for years to come.

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