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Why I love the central city - Ken & Charlotte, Action Bicycle Club

Cycling is a way of life for many and is the perfect mode of transport to explore inner city Christchurch. We chat to Ken and Charlotte about their business Action Bicycle Club and what they love about working in central city Christchurch.

How long have you worked/operated in the central city? Where?

We operate out of a 1960's style warehouse building on Walker Street in South Town. We opened late 2016 so we're excited about celebrating our 3rd birthday in a few months.

Are you doing anything this winter to attract more business?

We're running a winter bike service special through end of July, offering up to 25% off our service packages.

More than just business, we want encourage people to be part of the community and enjoy the amazing spaces in the Central City so we started a "Coffee Outside" event. Every 3rd Friday of the month people gather before work at some lovely outdoor spots to brew coffee. We hope to feature a local coffee roaster each month.

What is your go-to lunch spot?

We highly recommend The Yard where Ceylon Kitchen deserves special mention. Our new coffee shop neighbours Park Ranger provide a tasty and convenient choice. With bikes, the Central City is your oyster.

Where in the city do you live?

We live in Sydenham. We love being close to the Central City.

Tell us what your ideal day out in the city looks like?

Well, if we didn't have to work, it'll be a beautiful morning bike ride by the Promenade and perhaps a walk in the Botanic Gardens and then check out the always wonderfully curated selection of art at our Art Gallery or COCA. You would usually find us at Smash Palace or Pomeroys catching up with friends in the evening.

What is your best kept central-city secret?

We love small family businesses as they are the most authentic - Sichuan Kitchen in the Box Quarter, the food is very spicy but satisfying.

What sets Christchurch central city apart from other places in the city? Or other cities in New Zealand?

Accessibility for all types of users! Cars, bikes, buses and pedestrians. We're big fans of the Promenade and the way it connects the city and follows the Avon River. It's a beautiful walk from the Terrace to the East Frame.

What is your favourite central city spot during winter?

Tūranga is a treasure trove for making the most of a Sunday afternoon and anywhere that sells mulled wine!

Can you sum up the central city up in one word?


What would you say to someone who says there is nothing to do in the central city?

Come on into the store, rent a bike for $25 and ride around the city for the afternoon!

Can you finish this sentence: ’I love Christchurch central city because…”

... amazing people from all over are making it great place to live work and play.

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